A post about our Alaskan adventures is long overdue and coming soon.  It is, as they say, “in progress.“

Part of the reason for the delay is that it is simply getting much more difficult for me to write. My left hand is losing its capabilities... and as for my right hand,  the following story will give you a picture of the situation.

The Internet is chock-full of cat videos. Among them there is one that gave us a chuckle a few years ago: a sullen cat pushing various objects off a table.  And then came a day few weeks ago when I reached for a remote control sitting on the table right next to me. Rather than grabbing it, I pushed it off the table. It was impossible for me to pick it up with my right hand, which is now in a more-or-less permanently clenched fist.

Dee’s observation: You have now officially become a kitty.

And, alas, she is right. But at least I don’t have to lick myself all over.  



On finishing our life’s long toil
And shuffling off this mortal coil
Sometimes it is a great surprise
The ways and means of our demise

Some by water, some by fire
Some by crazy Uncle Meyer
Some by drought and some by flood
And some, bacilli in the blood
Some by knife and some by gun
And some from having too much fun
Some by food and some by drink
And some because they didn’t think

Some by the hand of evil men
They knew not where, they knew not when
One moment here, next moment not
Such was their tragic, painful lot

Repentance, prayer, and charity
May soften the severe decree
When comes the time to say adieu
May grace and mercy follow you

[an interpretation of the U-netaneh Tokef prayer recited by Jews on the High Holidays, inspired by recent events]


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