There are plenty of belief systems out there. In some of them, angels play a role.

In my younger days, I used to lump the belief in angels into the same category of other forms of religious mumbo-jumbo. But I can tell you that angels are real: I am surrounded by them.

When you're in my situation - totally dependent on others for every aspect of your existence - the people who take care of you are no longer merely family and friends. They are angels. I honestly don't know how I could exist without them. There are almost too many to name, but the ones that play the most significant role in my life today are Dee and my daughter, Jocelyn. This is not to slight elder daughter, Mel, but right now she is quite rightly pre-occupied with an even more important job: preparing to bring a new life into this world. It doesn't stop there. My brother, Dan. My helper, Rodney. My friend, Eric. And so many others. 

Every person who has come by to visit and spend some time either baby-sitting me or just having some conversation - all of you are angels and I am in angelic company 24/7.


  1. It is heart warming to hear that the Mistress of Sarcasm is able to assist. You are blessed.

  2. ..... love you, buddy...... and will be down there when ever you wish......


  3. May you always be surrounded by angels!


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